Ladies Learning 3D Printing

Ladies Learning Code 3D Printing Workshop

I spent this weekend teaching 3D printing at the first Ladies Learning Code 3D printing workshop. Ladies Learning Code is a fantastic Toronto based non-profit, whose mission is to empower people by teaching them technology skills. I had worked with Ladies Learning Code previously, to help mentor one of their Photoshop workshops, and was impressed by the diversity of ages and backgrounds the event attracted. Needless to say, when I heard they’d be running a similar workshop, to teach people about 3D printing, I was thrilled.

The event was structured in two parts, the first taught participants basic 3D modeling skills with Meshmixer, the second allowed them to bring their designs to life by 3D printing them.

The 3D printers were provided by myself and other friends in the Toronto 3D printing community. Naturally there were a lot of familiar faces as they 3D printing community here is small but extremely passionate. I had a great time teaching people about the technology, walking them through the process of taking their digital model and converting it to machine readable instructions. Everyone was extremely excited to see their digital designs realized as a tangible objects. Check out some of the results below:

Ladies Learning Code 3D Printing Workshop Print 1

Photo via eleninthecamera

Ladies Learning Code 3D Printing Workshop Print 2

Photo via iamvickytam

Ladies Learning Code 3D Printing Workshop Print 3

Photo via @RubiniLaForest

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